Support Staff

Classroom Dollars - All year we reimburse each teacher for classroom purchases up to $100 a year, $100 for the nurse and $300 for library. We also provide a yearly dollar amount to support field trips, give scholastic dollars to be used to purchase books for the classroom and we take requests from staff members for various purchases.

Teacher Appreciation Week - During one week in May we shower our staff with many little surprises. It differs every year but we always include a staff appreciation lunch.

2017/2018: Kristin Syre 2016/2017 Team Leader: Nichole Woodrich 2015/2016 Team Leader:: Nichole Woodrich/Tristin Rieken 2014/2015 Team Leader: Barb Malec/Andi Zamora

Teacher Conference Dinners - In November and March teachers stay late for conferences one night during each conference week. We realize it can be difficult for staff to find time to eat a nourishing meal so we provide a buffet style meal and ask for dessert donations.

2018/2019: Kim Cook 2017/2018: Lauren Tankersley

Folders and Planners - April through June
We purchase student folders and planners at the request of staff members every year.

Build a Strong School Community

Ice Cream Social - July through August
A great chance for families to visit the school, put school supplies away and meet teachers before school starts. Acme PTA supplies ice cream sundaes or root beer floats for families and mails invitations. This is our welcome back event and most planning takes place over the Summer because it happens before school starts.

2018/2019: Kristin Syre 2017/2018 Team Leader: Tristin Rieken 2016/2017 Team Leader: Tristin Rieken/Nichole Woodrich 2015/2016 Team Leader: Carmen Gwin 2014/2015 Team Leader:Kim Cook

Donuts with Dad/Muffins with Mom
 Acme kids parents or loved one can come to school early and enjoy a special treat provided by the Acme PTA!

2018/2019 Donuts: Kristin Syre

Reading/Curriculum Night - August through September
A great evening event to visit classrooms and see what student's have been up to the first couple weeks of school and get an idea of what to expect during the remainder of the year with Acme PTA serving dinner for staff, students and families. There is usually a variety of information booths and even a book fair! Acme PTA is responsible for purchasing and serving a free dinner to staff and families.

2018/2019: Lauren Tankersley 2017/2018: Erika Beaudin 2016/2017: Kristin Syre 2015/2016 Team Leader: Kristin Syre 2014/2015 Team Leader: Kristin Syre

Harvest Festival - September through October 
There is a free fun event around Halloween where students and community members gather to dress up play games and get prizes!

2018/2019: Lauren Tankersley 2016/2017 Team Leader: Kristin Syre 2015/2016 Team Leader: Kristin Syre 2014/2015 Team Leader: Kristin Syre

Movie Night
We use our projector to screen a family friendly movie in the gymnasium. Community members are invited to bring blankets, lawn chairs and pillows to hunker down on the floor and enjoy this time with their family and community members. We usually sell popcorn and refreshments and raffle off the movie for one lucky person to take home.

2018/2019 Team Leader: Kristin Syre/ Carrie Cranbourne 2016/2017 Team Leader: Kim Cook 2015/2016 Team Leader: Kim Cook

Mariner's Night
Acme PTA secures a group of Mariners ticket at a discounted price  for Acme families. This is a fun community and school spirit building event!

2016/2017: Renee Kalsbeek 2015/2016 Team Leader:Renee Kalsbeek 2014/2015 Team Leader: Renee Kalsbeek

Spirit Wear
All year Acme PTA designs and offers t shirts, sweat shirts and other spirit wear to Acme families.

2018/2019: Bre Zender 2017/2018: Kristin Syre 2016/2017 Team Leader: Tristin Rieken 2015/2016 Team Leader: Heidi Brown 2014/2015 Team Leader: Heidi Brown

Sixth Grade Party - May through June
A yearly celebration for 6th graders planned in conjunction with students to help usher them into junior high. If you have a 6th grader you may want to play a role in planning this special event.

2017 Team Leader: Kristin Syre/ Laura Smith 2016 Team Leader: Kim Cook/Heidi Brown 2015 Team Leader: Laura Smith/Tristin Rieken

Last Day of School Skate Party - May through June
A free event where all students are invited to come skate together after school gets out.

2017 Team Leader: Kristin Syre 2016 Team Leader: Kristin Syre 2015 Team Leader: Kristin Syre

Enrich the Learning Experience

Missoula Children's Theatre - September through first week of December
One of our goals is to provide enrichment opportunities to our students and due to the lack of theatrical arts in elementary schools we have chose to focus on bringing theater to our students for many years through the use of the Missoula Children's Theatre. We hire an outside company to come to our school for one week to hold auditions, rehearse and perform a play with a cast composed entirely of Acme students. We seek lodging and dinner for the MCT directors as well as secure musical accompaniment.

2018/2019: Kim Cook 2017/2018 Team Leader: Kim Cook 2016/2017 Team Leader: Kim Cook 2015/2016 Team Leader: Laura Smith 2014/2015 Team Leader: Laura Smith
Enrichment Programs - All year
We are always looking for ways to enrich the learning environment at Acme. In the past we have done a Career Fair, Spring Expo that combined an optional school wide science fair and art walk.

Mountain School - All year
An outdoor education program where 6th graders spend several nights camping in the gorgeous cascade mountains at the North Cascades Institute.

2018/2019: Chris Elder 2016/2017 Team Leader: Heidi Brown 2015/2016 Team Leader: Heidi Brown 2014/2015 Team Leader: Heidi Brown

Gardening with Common Threads - All year
K-5th grade will explore and learn in the garden classroom as they help build healthy soil, save seeds, plant cover crop, and enjoy the harvest!

By Means of

Jog-a-Thon - July through October
Acme PTA's main fundraiser that provides the majority of the funding for our entire yearly budget. Student's collect pledges, run (or walk) during a 30 minute period and then go back to their pledgers and collect money. Top runners are announced during a school assembly and prizes are given. In the past students have received Great Wolf Lodge vacations, Mt Baker Ski Area passes, Visa Gift Cards, iPods, bikes and many other fun prizes! We use this as our main fundraiser because unlike many fundraisers ran by outside companies, we can choose our prizes and, most importantly, around a whopping 90% of the money goes right back to the school (compare that to only 30-50% with outside ran fundraisers). Planning begins in Summer and wraps up in early November.

This year we tried something NEW!
Tri for Extras - Staff and students celebrate physical activity, music and reading! Kids jog for 20 minutes, dance for 20 minutes, and engage in a reading activity for 20 minutes offering a more well-rounded day of enrichment.

2018/2019: Lynne Wheeler
2017/2018: Lynne Wheeler 2016/2017: Nichole Woodrich 2015/2016 Team Leader: Tristin Rieken/Heidi Brown 2014/2015 Team Leader: Tristin Rieken 2013/2014: Tristin Rieken 2012/2013: Barb Malec/Heidi Brown 2011/2012: Tristin Rieken

Bingo Night and Auction- November through February
Once a year the Acme gym is transformed into a community bingo hall! We sell daubers and lucky trinkets along with a packet to play a full nights worth of bingo. Bake sale and refreshments are available to purchase and some years we have a few tables full of auction items as well!

2018/2019: Nichole Woodrich 2016/2017 Team Leader: Nichole Woodrich 2015/2016 Team Leader:Nichole Woodrich 2014/2015 Team Leader:: Tristin Rieken 2013/2014: Heidi Brown

Box Tops and Labels for Education- All year
 Acme families clip and save Box Tops and Labels for Education from the packages of participating Campbells and General Mills products and send them to the school. We then count and ship them and receive either 10 cents for every box top or points that can be used to purchase supplies and equipment. This is a great opportunity for someone to work on their own and at home.

2018/2019: Aubree Lozano 2017/2018: Kim Cook 2014/2015 Team Leader: Carmen Gwin 2015/2016 Team Leader: Carmen Gwin

Amazon Smile - All year round .05% of profits automatically get donated to Acme PTA when you link your account!

Fred Meyer - Link your Fred Meyer rewards card to the Community Rewards Program to start earning money for the school when you shop!

Corporate Matching Programs
Many employers in our area, such as Boeing, Microsoft, BP, and Starbucks, offer matching fund programs for non-profit organizations. Acme Elementary PTA is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization and qualifies for all the tax deductible benefits allowed by law. Be sure to ask your company's HR rep if they participate in a matching funds program and you can double your support for Acme PTA! For more information visit

Budget / Financial Review Committee - All year A group responsible for conducting review of the PTA financial management practices and books in both January and June. This group also keeps an eye on the budget versus actual expenses/income throughout the year and may be called upon to make recommendations to the board. Either one CPA or three PTA members that are not on the board and who do not have signing capabilities on the PTA bank account are required.

2017/2018: Lauren Tankersley, Lynne Wheeler, Heidi Brown 2014/2015 Committee: Tristin Rieken, Carmen Gwin, Erin DeRoco 2015/2016 Committee: Carmen Gwin, Bre Zender

Nominating Committee - February through April a group of people responsible for seeking nominees for the next year's PTA board.

2014/2015 Committee: Barb Malec 2015/2016 Committee: Heidi Brown