Corporate Matching


Many corporations or businesses will match donations to a non-profit organization like Acme Elementary PTA. Please refer to the list below to see if yours is one of them. The corporate website should have a form employees fill out to apply for and request a matching donation (sometimes called a "matching gift"). If you do not find one on the site, an HR representative should be able to provide you with one.

PTA Info You Will Need to Fill Out Matching Donation Forms

  • Organization Name: Acme Elementary PTA 8.4.5
  • Charity EIN Number:91-1533523
  • Contact Name at Organization: Nichole Woodrich (Vice President)
  • Organization Address:PO Box 201 Acme WA 98220
  • Organization Website:
  • School Website:
  • Charity Description: Acme Elementary PTA provides tools and equipment for teachers; art and science programs; field trips for our kids; more than 10 events and activities for our families; books for the library; before and after-school opportunities; teacher grants, and more! Our goal is not only to make our Acme Elementary school an even better place to learn, but to build a better, stronger community that supports this effort. All donations are tax deductible.

After You've Submitted the Form:

  • You should receive some type of confirmation from your company on whether your request for matching funds was approved. This could be in the form of a letter or email that your company generates and sends to you.
  • Please send a copy of this confirmation to Acme PTA. If you are using this in conjunction with Acme Jog a Thon please send it with your child's Donation Form so we can count the matching donation toward the student's total donation level and reward them with the appropriate prizes.

Companies Who Match Charitable Donations:

The following list of businesses offer varying matching gift programs. This list is not comprehensive so we encourage you to ask HR if your company has a program if you do not see it listed here.

Caterpillar Inc. Publications
Centel Inc. Home Depot
Centerior Energy Corp. Honeywell Inc.